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5 FSBO Flat Fee MLS Questions Answered

5 FSBO Flat Fee MLS Questions Answered 

Author: Rich Broker
If you are a first time user of a flat fee MLS, you certainly have questions in mind. You want to make sure that they are answered in order for you to know how the process works. Here are five of the questions you share with other first time users of the service.

Question # 1 – What are the steps to get listed in this type of MLS?

It all starts with purchasing a package then you will be contacted by the broker on how the paperwork should be done. Once you have completed the paperwork, you should send it back to the broker. You may also submit your photos for uploading to the site of realtors and in the MLS website itself.

Question # 2 – What are the main benefits obtained from a flat fee MLS?

Listing your FSBO property through this method will give you more exposure in the real estate market. It can also save you tons of money because you need not pay for commissions (although at some points you are required to pay 2% to 3% buyer agent's fee). You also save time marketing your property.

Question # 3 – Can changes be made on properties already listed via flat fee MLS?

If you think you need to change some information on your listed property, you may do so at any time.

Question # 4 – What else can be included in the package?

In order to increase your exposure, you are allowed to upload photos in the MLS site. In addition to this however, you may order a kit that contains internet listings and a yard kit. You also get to have your for sale by owner home listed for six months. All of these are offered for a price of $129 to $299.

Question # 5 – Where will the FSBO property be listed?

Your ad will actually be placed on almost all real property websites. Expect that there are around 36,000 realtors working for you. The flat fee MLS may also contain the national search engine marketing feature where your properties will reach any part of the country.

These are just some of the questions that you may want answered by the flat fee MLS provider. Once you choose one, make sure that you raise all your concerns prior to hitting the "buy" button from the company. You must know all requisites as well before getting listed.

Rich Broker

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