Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How a good realtor can help your home sell - Flat Fee Mls - St. Louis, MO

Have you ever seen a good realtor at work when you are buying or selling a home?  It can make a huge difference in whether the buyer buys or the seller sells.

We had a sales meeting at our Lauralei Properties office and we were thrilled with the information we learned from the agents who attended.

For instance, Paige, who had the most new listings last month, gave a great demonstation on how to show buyers the great features of a home.  How to watch the buyer's eyes and body language - by watching a realtor can distract them from the negative features and present the benefits of a great feature.

Paige also emphasized the importance of the listing agent being there to point out these features and assist the buyer's agent.  Remember this is probably the first time the buyer's agent has seen the property and some key features may be overlooked.

A homeowner or listing agent can also share key features over the phone when the prospect or agent calls to make the appointment.

Judy, our most seasoned agent, shared a few great staging tips.  Rick and Tracey discussed the short sale seminar they had attended.  All of this information was so helpful.
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