Thursday, January 28, 2010

I NEED an Apple Ipad

I really NEED an Apple Ipad.

Just seeing it on the tv yesterday - and now I really want it - wouldn't it be great for realtors? Me in particular :)

9.7 display - 10 hr run time - portable

While showing houses you could easily run comps, look at other properties, pull up a sales contract and from what I understand you could sign contracts right on the screen. 

I had been dreaming about a Kindle - to read books - but this would be so much better - have you seen the way it looks like the page is turning when you turn the page?

How long before Windows has a version?

The email capabilities sound great too - and isn't the little keyboard so cute.

Anyone else out there like me.... watering at the mouth?

Maybe Apple will see this and donate one to me to review..........
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