Sunday, September 07, 2014

Real Estate Trends

Real Estate Trends are defined by consistent patterns or change in the most general direction of the real estate industry. This observable fact can be a result of a change in mortgage rates, the economy, and other non-fundamental and fundamental reasons.

 A distinguished real estate agent knows the market, knows what new developments are planned, they know the transportation and the schools, and they know locations and history. With the ever evolving change in real estate, realtors are constantly doing their homework to stay ahead of their competition in the game.

3 Important trends a skilled realtor looks for are.

Local Pricing
Studying the local price trends in the area, should be first and foremost. Knowing the prices of homes in one area or another, is vital when working with buyers budgets.

Investing in a growing community can be very profitable, looking for signs that a community is set for growth, signs such as new roads, and new schools being built, and beginnings of construction in and around major roads all are major tips. A growing community most times is extremely attractive to new homebuyers.

School Rankings
Sharp eyed realtors keep up to date of the ranking of the schools in and around their area. Areas with high rankings, and schools moving up the rankings are all desirable to parents looking to buy homes near school districts.

These are just some of the trends realtors in Saint Louis, Missouri, and other areas keep up to date with. A great realtor is always researching, and collecting data to provide the buyer with unsurpassed knowledge of the real estate market.
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