Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to Prepare Your Home for winter

As autumn approaches we begin to see the leaves change, feel the air cool, and think about the winter weather. As a homeowner you want to take every precaution to protect your home during those winter months, or fear damage caused by a dreadful winter storm. So what do you need to do to winterize your home.

Check your Furnace – Stock up on Furnace filters, Call your Furnace repair man (also known as HVAC professional) to inspect your furnace is running at top performance, and to clean the heating ducts. If you have a digital thermostat make sure to replace the batteries with brand new ones, and clean the area around your furnace to ensure there is nothing flammable near it.

Check all exterior Windows and Doors – You should inspect your windows to make sure there are no cracks in or around the frame, if so you can use caulking to seal up your windows cracks. Place weather stripping around all doors leading to outside to help prevent cold air from entering your home. And don’t forget to switch out window screens for glass screens for the winter months.

Inspect your roof and gutters – Clean out the gutters using a garden hose to wash away all debris such as leafs, and small tree limbs. Also replace worn out roof shingles or tiles with new ones.
By taking the time to implement these simple steps and a few others you are ensuring your home is ready for winter.
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