Saturday, September 06, 2014


What is Flat Fee MLS do you ask?

 Well it is like an à la carte item on the menu for real estate agents or brokers, these agents provide you with the benefit you receive with hiring an agent without the in-depth contract. You receive maximum exposure without being subject to open houses, tours of your home to potential buyers day and night, unless you choose to and you are still in complete control.

Flat fee MLS is a great choice for FSBO (For Sale by Owner) who want the exposure that a real estate agent can provide without the exclusive right to sell contract that comes along with it.

90% of houses on the market today that sell, have been listed under MLS. As a FSBO it is crucial to have exposure in order to sell your home, when you have a MLS house listed, you have the ease of mind that your listing will be displayed at the top of thousands of FSBO homes making it visible to more potential buyers, also you are still in complete control of negotiating the sales price, and when you let potential buyers tour your home.

80% of homebuyers go through a realtor, so as a FSBO using the flat fee MLS you are providing an advantage over non MLS listing, due to the fact that realtors and their buyers use MLS to search for houses throughout the extensive database, making it easier to find your home for the right buyer.

When you list on the MLS your home is also syndicated out to tons of other websites like, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate - just to name a few.

With the flat fee MLS listing you save money.  Use these extra proceeds to lower the price of the home and get more hits to your listing - or simply keep more of your hard earned profit in your pocket!

Get your home listed today!
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