Sunday, September 20, 2009

The real estate market may be tough, but Lauralei Properties, llc in St. Louis is trying to help homeowners who have already seen some of their equity disappear from the recent market downturn. The addition of the popular Flat Fee MLS service to the already successful Discount Marketing Programs is just another reason to trust the sale of your home to this experienced company.

Flat Fee MLS can help sellers save many thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and is the most flexible marketing plan for sellers as it allows For Sale By Owners as well as traditional sellers to place their home in the Realtors Multiple Listing Service for $195 instead of a high listing commission later.

The Multiple Listing Service is what most Real Estate agents belong to and where they typically search for home to show their buyers. The listing is also placed on the popular web site and other top real estate web sites including having the homes listing appear the web sites of local real estate agencies.

If the homeowner finds their own buyer without the assistance of a real estate agent, no additional fee is due. Lauralei Properties, llc has lots of experience offering discount commission programs. While there are other companies offering flat fee mls service, few offer such a wide range of discount services as well as being a local "full service" broker. Some are just Internet based companies who farm out the listing to another agency.

For Sale By Owners tend to gravitate towards Flat Fee MLS. Many feel they don't need the full range of real estate services most brokers offer. They see this service as a way to gain the massive exposure of the MLS and major web sites, while still retaining the ability to sell on their own, and not pay a selling agent commission. Should the buyer end up coming from a real estate agent, the seller is only obligated to pay the selling agency portion of the commission. They save the listing commission or approx. 50% of what most sellers pay. The small upfront Flat Fee of $195 is a bargain for the exposure offered when you consider how much newspaper ads and other services cost.

While For Sale By Owners, commonly referred to as FSBO's, are the main users of Flat Fee MLS services, it really makes sense for most sellers. Any serious seller can save thousands of dollars compared to selling through a higher commission broker. While an agent is not there to hold your hand every day throught the process, everything you really need to get your home sold is included.
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