Monday, January 02, 2017

Total solar eclipse in St. Louis 

St. Louis area residents and visitors are in for a real treat on August 21, 2017.

Just after 1pm on this Monday with many schools already in session, the Moon will get between the Earth and the Sun and cast a shadow over Earth.  Darkness will fall in the middle of the day.  Planets and stars may appear.

 The temperature could drop 10-15 degrees.  Animals and insects may behave like nightfall has set.  You may think you have seen a "total" solar eclipse before, but chances are you have not.  Most likely you saw a "partial" eclipse like the one that just occurred in 2014.  The last total solar eclipse occurred in St. Louis in the year 1442 (not a typo). 

12 states and 12 million people live directly within the path of totality.  Missouri ranks #1 in of the states in the path with 3.4 million of its residents living directly in the path of totality.  St. Louis has 1.6 million residents living within the path of totality and is tied with Nashville for the most number of residents living directly within the path.
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