Monday, October 03, 2016

MHDC’s newest grant program called “Next Step

MHDC’s newest grant program called “Next Step” now allows non-first time homebuyers to qualify for down payment assistance with a higher income restriction!  Check out the attached information sheet to compare the two MHDC grant program options currently available for your buyers.

Now ANY HOMEBUYER looking to purchase their primary residence can potentially qualify for MHDC’s newest grant program called MHDC Next Step!

MHDC “Next Step” Program Features:
1.      Grant is equal to 4% of the borrower’s base loan amount
2.      Higher Household Income Limits:  $84,360 for 1 – 2 persons; $98,420 for 3+ persons
3.      Higher Purchase Price Limits:  $312,368 for a one-unit property
4.      Two year forgivable down payment assistance grant
5.      Available to use with Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA financing options
6.      Rates will adjust daily.  Contact me directly to find out current rates!

Let me know if I can help your buyers currently shopping for homes get pre-qualified for this program.
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