Monday, October 05, 2015

TRID - how does it affect your closing on your home?

Loan Estimate: 3 Days after application, 7+ Days before Closing
Lists estimated loan costs and terms. Saturdays do NOT count.

*If Required* Revised Loan Estimate: 1+ Days before Closing Disclosure, 4+ Days before Closing
Details any revised loan costs and terms if there is a significant change. Saturdays do NOT count.

Closing Disclosure: 3+ Days before Closing
Confirms final loan costs and terms. Saturdays DO count.

Examples of significant changes that could trigger a Revised Loan Estimate include (but are not limited to) setting the rate lock or making any change to the loan type or loan amount.

These disclosures and their required timing exist for your clients' protection. We assure you we will do what we can to get your clients to the closing table on time. If you have questions about the forms or the timetable, please ask. I am here to help.


David Sharp
MiMutual Mortgage
Loan Officer
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