Sunday, November 20, 2011


Guest post of the week by Nestor Nielsen

My mom and I were watching direct TV this morning and we saw a special about the Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree. It is one of the most looked at Christmas trees in the world. 

Every year they have to locate a tree that is well over ninety feet tall. This year, they found the tree in West Virginia. One of the people who worked in Rockerfeller and was in charge of decorating for Christmas spotted a really beautiful Norweigen Fir tree. The widow who owned the tree said that she was delighted when someone stopped by her home one day and left a card with her about their interest in the tree. She said that when she and her husband moved to the home forty years ago that her husband wanted to cut down the tree because he thought that it was ugly. They decided that they would just have it shaped instead and it grew huge.

 It really is a beautiful tree. The widow was really excited and said that she is making her first trip to New York City for the lighting of the tree. She loved that she got featured on the Today Show, she said that she never expected to!
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