Saturday, August 08, 2009

My homes for sale in St. Louis

For the first time since i have be a real estate agent/broker - i have homes of my own to sell .... and it is an eyeopener for me. So my plan is to jot down how things progress from the seller side - more for me than anyone else - but maybe someone else will find it interesing too.

2 of the houses are in south st louis, in the city by Carondelet park - they have been on the market for about 4 weeks and the smaller, cheaper one (around $70k) has had 14 showings and over 200 client hits on the mls (buyers who have opened up the listing on the internet) - the 3 bedroom, 60's ranch ($130k) has had only 2 showings and about 30 client hits on the mls.
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