Friday, January 04, 2008

Energy Saving Home Owner Tips


I received this handy little sticker pack with my Ameren UE electric bill - one sticker for each month with energy tips:

JANUARY - Open south-facing drapes to allow sunlight in during the day; close them at night.

FEBRUARY - Fluorescent task lightning, rather than overhead, saves energy.

MARCH - 3/9 Daylight savings time begins. Turn the clocks forward one hour.

APRIL - To conserve heat, run exhaust fans for 20 minute at a time.

MAY - Have your AC serviced before running this summer; it will be more efficient

JUNE - Seal up air leaks around your home - keep the cool air in.

JULY - Consider CFSs (compact flourescent) as an alternative to regular light bulbs to save energy

AUGUST - Move large appliances away from thermostats; they will register the heat and run more frequently

SEPTEMBER - Schedule Yearly maintenance on your furnace

OCTOBER - Weather stripping around windows and doors helps conserve heat

NOVEMBER - 11/2 Daylight savings time ends - turn the clocks back one hour

DECEMBER - Plug small appliances into a power strip; turn everything off at once to save watts
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