Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reasons for Real Estate Optimism

Dont' let the housing headlines get you down - i know we are always seeing..... foreclosure rates, lending woes, tons of homes on the market, etc. BUT.....
There is still room for optimism in this housing market. Buyers benefit from the falling prices, making homes much more affordable and there are more buying incentives out there too - like seller's paying closing costs.
Investors who will have a greater opportunity to get those "great" deals. It is espectially good for the investors who can afford to hold on to the property for a few years.
It can be a great opportunity for landlords as well - with more people needing to rent housing until they are able to get into their own home.
For the real esate agents, there will be less competition as some of the other sales agents start to slip away from selling homes and getting other types of employment. Those real estate agents to stick it out will be able to build there networks and have more clients.
Agents can be more flexible offering FLAT FEE MLS listings and discount commissions.
(for more info got to ) As sellers begin to lower their selling price, they are more likely to shop around and go with the best deal - not that friend or relative.
FSBOs and expired listings are more plentiful. Agents who do their homework and are diligent will reap the benefits.
So don't let the headlines get you down - make the market work for you!
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